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Detailed bibliographical information:

ID 978
Type Newspaper Article
Star Marcello; Mastroianni
Year 1996
Title A sweet life of very hard work
Newspaper The Guardian
City London
Pages 13
Issue_Date 20 December
Type_of_Article Obituary
Citation With his striking Mediterranean good looks, he was thought to be the embodiment of the Latin Lover - though he fiercly resisted that in the roles he accepted after Fellini's 'La Dolce vita' brought him to international stardom in 1960. Indeed, he often masochistically demolished any such image. He told a scandalised American television chat-show audience in 1977: 'To be a Latin Lover a man, above all, has to be a great fucker - he has to be infalliable and I'm not that. I often foul it up.'
Author Roberts, Peter
Language English
Keywords Mastroianni, Marcello;Fellini;La Dolce vita;Theatre;Deneuve, Catherine;Loren, Sophia;La notte;Antonioni;Hollywood;Il bell Antonio;Bolognini;Diamonds for breakfast;Morahan, Christopher;Leo the Last;Boorman, John;
Abstract Tribute to Mastroianni with details about his childhood, his early parts as a film extra and clerk for Eagle Lion films in Rome and his discovery by Visconti at the director's amateur theatre company and the successful theatre career which brought him to the notice of film directors. He declined to work in Hollywood but worked on several UK productions and continued to work extensively in theatre throughout his career.

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